About Hallgeir

Who is Hallgeir and what does he do?

Who is Hallgeir?

I am creative advisor in Vecora. I work every day to maximize the results for my clients.

My name is Hallgeir, I'm a nerd. Work in Vecora and listen (according to my wife too much) podcast. In addition, I have a girl of 6 and one of 9. I have 4 hens and like Whiskey Sour, got my first computer in 1988 (a Norwegian-produced Tiki100), built my first, own machine (an 8086) in 1990. Was just a little bit late looking to be active with BBS but tried it. And with it and IRC have been on social media for almost 150 years 😉

I sold fine stones I found in the garden when I was a kid, and for 2-6 years, I and my family lived at the folk high school my mother worked on. I tried to push the students there for money by threatening to hit them with a reflex, but quickly (relatively speaking) made their point. After that, I've tried to become a bit more professional when working with marketing, sales and the web 🌐 something I have been doing since 1998. I sold my first website in 1998. I got paid 14.000 kr. It was a lot of money for me then, and Notepad and I worked hard for that money. The experience I have gained is extensive. I have previously built brands in the form of podcasts and several online projects, and today I am a digital advisor for companies, building my own brand at HallgeirGustavsen.no and I work with both good websites and advertisements. , as well as visibility on digital surfaces. I give lectures on marketing, sales and social media. My main focus is on how companies can maximize their social profile and how to use social media and new technology to streamline sales processes. 📈


At Vecora we have some basic ideas and values that are important.

# 1 - The best idea should win!

No matter who comes up with the idea, we want it to be the best idea to win. No one deserves to choose an idea just because you like the one who came up with the idea, or not like the one who came up with it. The best ideas should win!

# 2 - Pricing should make sense!

The difference between a logo for 5000, and a logo for 10,000,000 should be clear, simple to understand and easy to explain. We expect all our prices to be easy to understand, explain and make sense.

Si hei!