About Hallgeir

Who is Hallgeir and what does he do?

Who is Hallgeir?

I am general manager and creative advisor in Vecora. I work every day to maximize the results for my clients.

At Vecora we have some basic ideas and values that are important.

# 1 - The best idea should win!

No matter who comes up with the idea, we want it to be the best idea to win. No one deserves to choose an idea just because you like the one who came up with the idea, or not like the one who came up with it. The best ideas should win!

# 2 - Pricing should make sense!

The difference between a logo for 5000, and a logo for 10,000,000 should be clear, simple to understand and easy to explain. We expect all our prices to be easy to understand, explain and make sense.


As a kid, I and my family lived at the folk high school my mother worked on. At the age of 4, I tried to push students there for money by threatening to hit them with a reflex.

I have sold stones to the neighbors I had at Gvarv, worked on telephone sales ..

Now I am a mentor, lecturer and advisor.

Si hei!