About Sparringpod - english

My name is Hallgeir Gustavsen, I run a digital agency called Vecora, but I also have a podcast called Sparringpod.

What is Sparringpod?

My mission with my podcast is to get in touch with people I find interesting, and then I talk to them and try to figure out what makes them interesting.

I do this podcast because i am a curious soul, and there are so many people that i find incredible interesting.

This podcast have been my opportunity to talk to them and find out what is it that make them interesting?

The topics I usually talk about are:

Creativity 💭 (mostly creativity at work, not as a concept 😃)

Marketing 📈 - how to work and what is possible

Content production 🔖 (whether it is good texts, videos, images or other content),

Entrepreneurship 💼 (creativity often goes hand in hand with a good idea for marketing / production)

Leadership 🧭 - how to lead oneself and others, and how to grow in the leadership position

Examples of episodes

My episodes are streamed live on my social media. (Facebook, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Twitch)

And are put on Anchor (and then most likely your podcast player of choice.)

Si hei!